Our History

Over 100 years of history for a legend of olive oil. From the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, crossing the ages thanks to the taste of the green nectar. From Ascoli Piceno to the conquest of Italy.

1874 -

It was 1874 when Emidio Angelini set off on his adventure. A dream based on passion. From the first millstones to today's technological systems. Four generations and a brand of top-quality olive oil that stands the test of time.

1950 -

The Angelini Oleificio was the first in the Piceno capital, right in the centre of town. The history speaks of fatigue and hard work to which the first turning point was given by Alberto, around the year 1950; with his family imprinting, it strengthened and was handed down to his children Giovanni and Anna Maria and from there to his grandchildren Francesco and Alessandro, who today hold the reins of the historic company together with Anna herself and her son-in-law Cesare.

Today -

In the meantime, the oil mill moved from Rua della Vetreria to the area where it is currently located, in the Monterocco area, a hilly strip of land where hundreds of plants and increasingly modern equipment can be found.

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