The Oleificio Angelini has two implants for the oil extraction: a traditional one with millstones and hydraulic press PIERALISI and another one of ALFA LAVAL continous extraction installed in 2011.

Traditional implant extraction process

Within 24 hours of harvesting, after the removal of the larger branches, olives pass directly under the millstone, or press, where large granite wheels crush and mix the olives, resulting in an olive paste. The paste is put through a dispenser, placed in a powerful hydraulic press to extract the oil and vegetation water from the pomace. Then the oil is separated from water thanks to the centrifuge, used even in pressure systems. The olive oil is thus separated from the vegetation water.

Continous implant extraction process

Within 24 hours of harvesting, the olives, stripped of branches and leaves, are washed removing dirt and other impurities. (This is because the presence of large leaves give an unpleasant bitter sensation.) The clean olives are processed into a homogeneous mixture by centrifuge. During kneading the oil droplets agglomerate into larger drops preparing for the oil separation stage. The pulp passes into a horizontal centrifuge, the Decanter, which separates oil, pomace and vegetation water. It then passes into another centrifuge which further reduces the presence of water ensuring better preservation of the product. All processing steps are realised through the support of electronic devices that allow to obtain a higher quality oil.

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