The oil mill

Cold pressing

The nutritional and physical qualities of extra virgin olive oil are preserved intact by cold pressing.

This process keeps the temperature at 27 degrees and thus preserves all the minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances contained in the olives.

The flavour of the fruit is also more intense, preserving the fruity notes and vegetable hints. Cold-pressed olive oil does not taste like "cooked food" like an industrial oil. ANGELINI extra virgin olive oil is only cold extracted with our Alfa Laval Decanter X6.

Processing stages

Within 24 hours of harvesting, the olives are sent for processing. At first, they are defoliated, then they are carefully washed with a hydropneumatic system and deprived of any foreign bodies, ready for pressing.

Once cleaned, the olives are processed into a homogeneous paste using a disc mill with low revolutions, to avoid overheating the paste.

The result obtained flows into the "gramole", modern stainless steel tanks closed in the absence of air, to avoid the oxidation of the paste and the dispersion of the aromatic components of the oil.

After the appropriate kneading, the paste is sent, for extraction, to the decanter, a horizontal centrifuge where the separation of the paste, water and oil occurs due to the difference in specific weights.

All the phases of the transformation are carried out with the aid of electronic equipment that allows obtaining a high quality of the oil.

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