About us / the company

Always in the name of the tradition that gave rise to everything. Angelini produces an average of 40,000 litres of olive oil every year, distributing it not only in the Piceno area but also in most of central and northern Italy, supplying private individuals, restaurants and large-scale distribution, the latter with a dedicated line. 90% of the production is aimed at extra virgin olive oil with a classic blend and a selected blend, with monovarietal oils Leccino, Carboncella and Ascolana Tenera, with organic and with the inevitable Igp. While the remaining 10% is reserved for flavoured oils, one of the company's new frontiers with a wide range of flavours. The first characteristic that makes Angelini's extra virgin oil a guarantee today is the indissoluble combination of quantity and quality. Actually, in addition to the harvesting carried out with modern machinery and the rigorous selection of the olives, it is in the oil mill that the elite finds its place, with an avant-garde system that works on a continuous cycle.

This allows us to work with low acidity (less than 0.3%) before the olives begin their fermentation process. Therefore, after the harvest 24 hours can pass, but sometimes even half that time, before the oil is ready to be tasted. The extra-virgin oil obtained is, therefore, a product of absolute quality, processed in environments where compliance with health and hygiene regulations is mandatory. The result alternates, according to the type of product, between soft and light, spicy and fruity, aromatic, marked by the richness of polyphenols, golden yellow with shades of bright green. Among the flagships is also the line dedicated to flavoured oils. The newcomer is truffle oil, the latest in a "dynasty" that includes chilli peppers (also with the habanero variant), rosemary, lemon, mandarin, sage, basil and ginger. All are made from oil and organic products, mostly zero kilometres. The Angelini Oleificio is certified by the Suolo e Salute Body with the 11-02612 code, registered in the Register of technicians and experts of extra virgin olive oils, for the recognition of the production of organic extra virgin olive oil as well.

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