Our History

1874 -

The Oleificio was born at the end of the Nineteenth century in Ascoli Piceno. It was the first one and it was situated in the historic town centre.

1950 -

Alberto Angelini bought the business in the fifties by a rich landowner, making it family-owned and using the wide experience he had in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In the mid-20th century, the Frantoio, was renovated and modernised to meet the needs of many olive producers of the region.

During the years, the activity keeps growing and the oil produced was every time more successful, so that in 1989, Alberto Angelini involved in the business the daughter and son Anna and Giovanni, building in a rural area of Ascoli Piceno, a new and moderm establishment to further improve and promote the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Today -

Nowadays the company is managed by the daughter Anna, the son-in-law Cesare and the grandchildren Alessandro and Francesco.


The Oleificio Angelini Alberto is situated in Ascoli Piceno, on beautiful green hills and valleys, where the cultivation and the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, represent a centuries-old tradition. The Oleificio Angelini exercises the activity of olives milling, strictly selected, with the own production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The Company uses a new and modern implant of continuos extraction for the olives milling. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained by the main cultivations of the region, is a product of absolute quality.
The care is extreme for a strict respect of hygiene standard while the selection of olives is thorough and attentive. The compliance with quality, through the exclusive sourcing in agricultural areas obtaining a product with a fruity and delicate taste, which reminds the taste of the olive and completely expresses the characteristic fragrance of the native land. The olives are processed within 24 hours from the harvesting, and make it possible to obtain oil with an acidity less than 0,3% and which is flavored and rich in polyphenols, it's golden yellow with bright green. Oleificio Angelini is certified by "Ente Suolo e Salute" with the code 11-02612 certified by technical staff and experts in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for the recognition of the production of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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